John McEnroe details how taunts, boos affect Novak Djokovic

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John McEnroe details how taunts, boos affect Novak Djokovic
John McEnroe details how taunts, boos affect Novak Djokovic

John McEnroe thinks taunts and boos directed at Novak Djokovic only fuel the Serb to win whenever he is playing. Djokovic, a 22-time Grand Slam champion, has been a target of taunts and boos throughout the French Open. Although it is clear that Djokovic often gets annoyed by it because he feels he is unfairly targeted, the Serb also uses it as a motivation to play even better and ultimately win the match.

McEnroe, whose relationship with the crowds wasn't the greatest, can relate to what Djokovic is often experiencing. When it comes to responding to boos and taunts with tennis, McEnroe says there is no one better than Djokovic.

McEnroe on Djokovic using taunts, boos as a fuel

"Djokovic rises to the occasion. He needs to get inspired or have someone write him off. Some type of chance to break an amazing record. No one is writing Djokovic off. Sometimes his attitude on the court fuels him.

You'd rather be respected than loved. You'd rather have both if possible, but he's handled it well. He has been mature about it and he's been pretty successful turning lemons into lemonade. Even when people were getting on him, for calling on the trainer for example, it's almost like people are looking for an excuse to get on him.

I can relate to that. I deserved it more than he did. It's not easy to take that to use it and fuel you. To me, he's better than anyone at that to ever play the game," McEnroe told Eurosport. After taking a two-set lead over Alejandro Davidovich Fokina in the French Open third round, Djokovic called a medical timeout.

As Djokovic was receiving a medical timeout, he was heaped by boos. Djokovic sarcastically responded to the boos and afterward said some people "love to boo every single thing you do." But for Djokovic, the main focus remains on leaving Paris with his 23rd Grand Slam title.

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