Tsitsipas accused of using ChatGPT to congratulate Djokovic after RG win

Stefanos congratulated Djokovic with a well-crafted but slightly robotic tweet.

by Claudiu Pop
Tsitsipas accused of using ChatGPT to congratulate Djokovic after RG win

Stefanos Tsitsipas' Twitter followers have accused the Greek of using ChatGPT to write his congratulatory message addressed to Novak Djokovic after the Serbian won the French Open. "@DjokerNole you've touched our hearts with your unwavering spirit and strong determination.

Your ability to bounce back from challenges has become a symbol of hope for fans around the world. Thank you for showing us that with hard work and passion, dreams can become a reality," Tsitsipas tweeted.

Here are some of the reactions coming from Tsitsipas followers on Twitter.

  • "What prompt did you use?"
  • "Thank you ChatGPT for the heartfelt delivery"
  • "Chatgpt does the work for Tsitsipas"
  • "ChatGPT"
  • "It's written by ChatGpt , copied and pasted by Tsitsipas"

Stefanos Tsitsipas pointed out the reason behind Djokovic's success

At the beginning of June, Tsitsipas unveiled what is, in his opinion, the key factor that led Novak to be so successful in his Grand Slam campaigns.

"You know, upsets, it's a thing. It's happening to everyone. It has happened to most of us on early rounds and we learn through that how to avoid them and how to kind of build a safe net where we can start a little bit more kind of add in terms of risk in our game later on.

Something that has, I feel like Novak Djokovic has been doing very well in terms of his Grand Slam appearances. He has been starting Grand Slams, I wouldn't say playing incredible tennis, but just enough to get him through in the first few rounds," Tsitsipas said, via Sportskeeda.