Novak Djokovic has brutally honest message for crowds that boo him

Djokovic was hearing boos throughout his Wimbledon second-round match against Jordan Thompson.

by Dzevad Mesic
Novak Djokovic has brutally honest message for crowds that boo him

Novak Djokovic says the crowd that decides to boo him is actually doing him a favor. Even though Djokovic is one of the most accomplished and successful players in tennis history, his relationship with the crowd throughout the world has never been the best.

At Wimbledon, Djokovic is a seven-time champion but he is no stranger to boos and heckling. On Wednesday, Djokovic defeated Jordan Thompson 6-3 7-6 (4) 7-5 in the Wimbledon second round. Throughout the match, Djokovic was hearing boos directed at him from the crowd.

Djokovic on the crowd booing him: They do me a favor

“In fact, they are doing me a favor. The more they cheer against me, the better for me. They wake something in me that they perhaps don’t want to see – a winner," Djokovic told Serbian reporters, via Tennis Majors.

Djokovic admitted he prefers to have the crowd on his side but acknowledged that's something that happens to him in just rare instances. But Djokovic insists it's not bad this way either as hearing the boos from the crowd only gives him additional fuel and motivation to beat his opponent.

“Well, yes and no. As a player, you want to have the majority of the crowd on your side. My wish is not to play in a hostile atmosphere. It turns out, though, that the crowd supports my opponent in most of the matches in my career.

That’s my destiny and that’s all right – sometimes I find it harder to accept it, sometimes I don’t understand the crowd’s reactions, but it’s their right. Sometimes, though, some people are more daring in what they’re saying from the stands – when it’s like that, they have to expect me to answer and react.

It’s happened in the past, in the big tournaments around the world. It gives me extra fuel, inspires me to play even better," Djokovic explained.

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