Novak Djokovic in tears faces a drama moment after the Wimbledon loss

The Serb broke down in tears seeing his family, and said: "I love you so much"

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Novak Djokovic in tears faces a drama moment after the Wimbledon loss

Novak Djokovic failed to match Roger Federer's 8 Wimbledon titles, nor Margaret Smith's 24 Majors: Carlos Alcaraz barred the Serbian champion's way to the dreams of glory. Novak, after winning the first set, dominating, wasted a set point in the tie-break of the second set, then losing the set and, with it, all his psycho-physical safety.

In the 3rd, 4th and 5th sets, Nole was unable to bear the pressure of such an important moment for his glorious career. And the tension, disappointment and emotion then flowed during the awards ceremony. Speaking after receiving the runner-up award, Nole looked towards his garage, his wife, his children and his family.

Djokovic burst into tears, in a dramatic moment, addressing very tender words to his family: "I love you so much." Here is the video:

The match

In the first set it is a domain of Serbian. If not for a few small mistakes in the first round of service, the twenty-three times Grand Slam champion is no longer wrong: with the serve, with the return, with the forehand, with the backhand.

He puts pressure on the young Spaniard, who can't handle it and makes a lot of mistakes, between forced serves and gross errors for the level that we expected from this partial. The match, however, begins in the second set.

Alcaraz rediscovers his tennis made of power, strength, hammering. Djokovic, on the other hand, struggles to find the first and the scenario is reversed: break for the Spaniard in the second game. There is a glimmer of an upside down challenge, but this is not what the Serbian wants.

He recovers with the counter-break and brings everything back to a level at 2-2. The challenge, however, is now open: Djokovic still struggles with his first serve, Alcaraz exaggerates with some plays. Net of the errors, the two hold their serve until the tie-break.

This is where the certainties of this 2023 fail. Djokovic, who had not lost a tie-break in the Grand Slams since the second round of the Australian Open against Couacaud, makes two backhand errors followed by an unprecedented serve and volley and gives the set to Alcaraz.

The beginning of the third follows in the wake of the second set: the drop in the Serbian is evident, who immediately gives the break to the Spaniard. Arrived at 3-1, Djokovic serve, the show begins. The fifth game is infinite: the Serbian loses lucidity and, consequently, loses strength in his legs, the Spaniard tries to break serve for the second time, touching but not grabbing.

This leads to twenty-five minutes of draws, advantages and break points. Djokovic's crisis, however, is too important not to translate into a second break in favor of Alcaraz. From that moment, the Spaniard travels in fifth gear towards the end of the set.

Another break in the final, with a double fault by Alcaraz, and speech postponed to the fifth set. A break that works for the fourth set, not for the decisive one. In the fifth set, there is tension. That of those who know that the Grand Slam title is about to be played.

They allow themselves break points, but Alcaraz is the first to take advantage of them. The Spaniard, having gained the advantage, remains cold. He makes fewer mistakes than his opponent, especially when he's on his rounds of service. He makes no mistake when he is called upon to serve for the match.

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