Feliciano Lopez predicts Carlos Alcaraz's future following win over Novak Djokovic

Lopez comments on Alcaraz beating Djokovic for his first Wimbledon title.

by Dzevad Mesic
Feliciano Lopez predicts Carlos Alcaraz's future following win over Novak Djokovic

Feliciano Lopez praised Carlos Alcaraz's "spectacular" Wimbledon final win over Novak Djokovic and tipped the 20-year-old to "dominate the Tour" when the Serb is done with pro tennis. Two weeks ago, Alcaraz achieved his childhood dream of becoming a Wimbledon champion after beating Djokovic 1-6 7-6 (6) 6-1 3-6 6-4 in the final at The Championships.

At just 20, Alcaraz is already a two-time Grand Slam champion and sitting at the world No 1 spot. Some think that Alcaraz's win over Djokovic in the Wimbledon final was the start of a new era in tennis. "A spectacular match.

It’s very difficult to say that it started a new era, but I do think beating Nole in a Wimbledon final it’s a very big step in Carlos’ career. Carlos and Nole are the two best players in the world by far right now.

We will see how the year ends. Novak has two Grand Slams and Carlos one. I think Alcaraz is going to dominate the tour when Nole is gone if everything stays normal," Lopez told CLAY.

Lopez tips Alcaraz to absolutely dominate when Djokovic is gone

Prior to the 2023 Wimbledon final, Djokovic was without a loss at The Championships since 2017 and riding a 34-match winning streak.

Going into the Wimbledon final, Djokovic was given the edge considering his Wimbledon resume. But Alcaraz didn't come out on the court thinking he was going to lose. "Well, I did it for myself, not for tennis generation, honestly.

It was great. Beating Novak at his best, in this stage, making history, being the guy to beat him after 10 years unbeaten on that court, is amazing for me. It's something that I will never forget, that's for sure. As I said, it's great for the new generation, as well, I think to see me beating him and making them think that they are capable to do it, as well.

It's great for me and I think for the young players, as well," Alcaraz said after beating Djokovic at Wimbledon.

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