Photos: Novak Djokovic buys villa on Ljuta coastline, Montenegro


Photos: Novak Djokovic buys villa on Ljuta coastline, Montenegro
Photos: Novak Djokovic buys villa on Ljuta coastline, Montenegro

Novak Djokovic has bought a villa in Montenegro that's worth millions, according to the Serbian paper Blic. The villa is in great condition but there are currently renovations underway as Djokovic and his wife want to decorate it to their personal taste and affinities.

Jugoslav Karic, Djokovic's friend, helped the Serbian tennis star choose a villa in Ljuta. The villa bought by Djokovic is right in front of the sea and the record 23-time Grand Slam champion will have his own personal beach there.

On this link, you can see the images of Djokovic's freshly-bought villa.

Djokovic already in love with his new villa

"That's right, Djokovic bought a villa in Ljuta. It is a huge property with a house right in front of the sea.

Everyone here has their own private beach. Jugoslav Karic found him a villa just like his own. Currently, there are renovations (on the villa). There is nothing wrong with that magnificent villa, they just want it to be even better," a source told Blic.

Meanwhile, after losing the Wimbledon final Djokovic went on vacation with his family. After spending some time in Montenegro, Djokovic and his family went to Dubrovnik, Croatia, with their yacht. Djokovic, who turned 36 in May, is trying to make a good balance between pro and personal life.

Just recently, Srdjan Djokovic revealed he would like his son to retire after the 2024 season. “As far as my wishes for him go, he has already fulfilled them all seven-eight years ago. The rest is this amazing bonus. Tennis is only one segment of his life, not his whole life, I expect him to be recognized for the things he will do after his career ends as well, after he leaves the tennis world, which I hope it will happen next year," Srdjan Djokovic said in Sportal’s documentary ‘Novak Djokovic – Untold Stories.'

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