Novak Djokovic gives major warning to young players on PTPA importance


Novak Djokovic gives major warning to young players on PTPA importance
Novak Djokovic gives major warning to young players on PTPA importance

Novak Djokovic came back to speak on behalf of the PTPA, independent association of professional tennis players created by the Serbian himself and Vasek Pospisil to best represent the players' rights on the circuit. Although the Serbian has repeatedly expressed its intention not to create an element of disturbance for the major organs of world tennis, the ATP and the WTA have not taken any steps towards the Professional Tennis Players Association.

Djokovic and the PTPA: "The new generations don't want to take risks"

Djokovic, in a video posted on the official Instagram profile of the PTPA, reiterated the importance of the project, and sent a message to the new generations of tennis players.

He explained: "The time has been ripe for quite a while, but in terms of organisation, the time is ripe more than ever. We have a great team. We are trying to perfect our structure and our management to demonstrate mainly to the players but also to the entire ecosystem, that we are credible and present: we are going nowhere.

We will fight for the right of players to have a meaningful place at the decision-making table for both men's and women's tennis. I, as a player, understand what they are going through tennis players I have been playing tennis for 20 years.

I've been the president of the Players Council for years. I feel it is an absolute necessity to have an organization that represents players' rights 100%. For more than 20 years, several generations of gamers have been trying to build a similar system.

For various reasons and factors, they failed to create a real player organization. But now we have done it and I invite all players to recognize the importance of it. I am especially addressing the younger generations, who do not want to take risks.

They think they want to be conservative, they want to focus on the games. They don't want to lose what they have gained or what they are a part of, I understand that and I don't judge them. But by supporting the PTPA, you're actually supporting yourself and your future."

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