Novak Djokovic shares secret to his astonishing on-court focus


Novak Djokovic shares secret to his astonishing on-court focus
Novak Djokovic shares secret to his astonishing on-court focus

Novak Djokovic has revealed one of his secrets to his astonishing on-court focus. Djokovic, who is widely considered one of the mentally strongest players in tennis history, admits he also sometimes loses his focus on the court.

But when that happens, Djokovic is not trying to think too much or analyze why it happened. Instead, Djokovic says he simply accepts what happened and then moves forward. That method has been working extremely well for Djokovic as the Serb highlights that always staying in the present is not possible.

Because of that, Djokovic feels that knowing how to recover after losing focus is more important than actually staying in the present.

Djokovic reveals his secret to his astonishing on-court focus

“Question of all questions is how do you stay here, in the present you know, here and now.

And people have been always talking about you know forget about the past, don't think about the future, be in the present moment. I don't think that's possible. You know in reality because our mind is I like to call it a traveler, you know it likes to travel past, present, future all the time.

You know what if, what if scenarios, and on the court it's probably even more intense. I think it's also not possible to keep, you know when somebody tells you, you know be steady, don't think about this. If someone tells you don't think about it, almost certainly you will think about it.

So what I think is well, probably one of the biggest lessons I have learned about, I guess, mental strength is that, you know if you lose your focus, if you, you know, you're not present, things start to go the wrong way for you, it's fine.

Accept it and then come back. And I think that recovery of how long you stay in that emotion is what differentiates you from may be others, you know. So I think the recovery is more important than actually working hard to stay in the present because it's almost impossible to stay all the time in the present.

You know we always think what's gonna happen, you know is this, am I going to win or not?” Djokovic said during his conversation with Andrew Petcash, via Sportskeeda.

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