Novak Djokovic analyzes the toughest defeat of his career


Novak Djokovic analyzes the toughest defeat of his career
Novak Djokovic analyzes the toughest defeat of his career

Novak Djokovic has decided not to play the National Bank Open, scheduled for this week in Toronto, due to the fatigue accumulated in Wimbledon. The first of the two appointments that will precede the fourth and final slam of the year, the Us Open, started yesterday and will see the presence of all the other components of the top 10, including world number one Carlos Alcaraz.

The Serb told: "I have always enjoyed my stay in Canada, but after talking to my team, we believe this is the right decision to make. I would like to thank Karl Hale, the tournament director, for understanding this decision.

I really hope to be able to return to Canada and Toronto in the next few years to play in front of great fans." Nole experienced a leading year by winning the first two Majors of the year and reaching the final on the prestigious grass-courts of the All England Club.

The goal is obviously to appear in the best conditions at Flushing Meadows to attempt the assault on Grand Slam number 24.

Djokovic recalls one of the most burning disappointments of his career

Defeats, like the one suffered by the young Spanish tennis player in the last act of the British Slam, are always difficult to stomach and overcome.

The Serbian tennis player, not exactly used to this outcome of the match, speaking with Radio Television Serbia, recalled a particularly difficult moment in his extraordinary career. The Serbian still recalled the match he lost against Alexander Zverev at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

A burning disappointment, which did not allow him to put one of the very few trophies not yet won, the Olympic gold, on the showcase. The Serbian tennis explained during the interview: "An Olympic medal, especially a gold medal, is always a great desire.

I rewatched my match with Zverev in Tokyo many times to understand what went wrong. I've been playing excellently up to that point, but I felt like I was running out of energy, both mentally and physically."

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