David Ferrer predicts how long Novak Djokovic 'undoubtedly' can play at highest level

Ferrer shares his thoughts on Djokovic's longevity.

by Dzevad Mesic
David Ferrer predicts how long Novak Djokovic 'undoubtedly' can play at highest level
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2013 French Open finalist David Ferrer believes Novak Djokovic can "undoubtedly" play at least two or three more years at the highest level. Djokovic, who turned 36 in May, has made three Grand Slam finals and won two Slam titles so far this year.

At 36, Djokovic is still a very dominant force in the game and now the Serb is looking to conclude his Grand Slam season by winning the US Open. "Without a doubt, I think that Novak can go on like this for two or three more years," Ferrer told Tennis Majors.

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Ferrer recounts his US Open semifinal against Djokovic

11 years ago, Ferrer clashed against Djokovic in the US Open semifinal. Ferrer, a former world No 3, made a very good start to their semifinal match but Djokovic stormed back to win 2-6 6-1 6-4 6-2.

Recalling that match, Ferrer remembers thinking that Djokovic could one day go down as one of the best in tennis history. "Well, I knew that he was a special player and I saw that he was different compared to others in terms of taking care of his body and in his progressive way of thinking – Novak is always looking for ways to improve.

I don’t know whether I thought that he would reach these heights, but I did think that he could become one of the best players in the history of the game," Ferrer said.

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Also, Ferrer shared his thoughts on Djokovic's growing rivalry with Carlos Alcaraz. "They’re very even and it comes down to small details.

Carlos changes the equation in his favor when he takes over the initiative in points. If he’s not able to do that and to put Novak under pressure… Djokovic is a bit more consistent in rallies and when it comes to timing of the shots, but when Carlos is able to hit with great speed and come forward, that’s when he can hurt Djokovic," Ferrer said.

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