Daniil Medvedev shares how he felt after hard fall versus Novak Djokovic

Medvedev fell to the ground in the third set of the US Open final.

by Dzevad Mesic
Daniil Medvedev shares how he felt after hard fall versus Novak Djokovic
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Daniil Medvedev reveals he "felt nothing" after he took a hard fall on his elbow but also revealed there was another issue that was causing him pain in the US Open final. Early in the third set against Novak Djokovic, Medvedev took a fall to the ground and he stayed there for some time before standing up.

While on the ground, Medvedev was checking out his elbow. After Djokovic handed Medvedev a 6-3 7-6 (5) 6-3 loss, the Russian was asked if the hard fall impacted the result of the final. "Yeah, I felt nothing. Actually, when the moment I fell, I was, like, Man, this could have been not dangerous but I could have hurt myself.

So for maybe 30 seconds, one minute, I was, like, does it hurt, does it not hurt. There was other problem I had. In the third set it was growing, growing, growing, and at the same time, again, that's how tennis is. Maybe I win the second set and I don't think about the other problem I had.

The pain goes less. When you lose it, the pain goes up. Again, I definitely didn't lose because I had a small pain on my left shoulder," Medvedev said.

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Medvedev had 'regrets' after losing to Djokovic

In the 12th game of the second set, Medvedev missed out on a set point on Djokovic's service.

Then in the second-set tie-break, Medvedev had a 5-4 lead before Djokovic won the next three points to win a set that lasted an hour and 44 minutes. "Oh, regrets, for sure. Should have won it. Should have won it, but sometimes tennis not that easy.

Passing for sure down the line, not cross, but I have two choices and I chose the wrong one. In general, yeah, second set was the best set I played and I didn't win it. So that's why I kind of, I would say, it's normal that the match went that way, because first and third he was kind of better and not much to say. Second if I would win it maybe could have been a different game," Medvedev said.

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