Alexander Zverev's reaction perfectly sums up Novak Djokovic's greatness


Alexander Zverev's reaction perfectly sums up Novak Djokovic's greatness
Alexander Zverev's reaction perfectly sums up Novak Djokovic's greatness © Getty Images Sport - Sarah Stier

Alexander Zverev called Novak Djokovic "a legend" and remarked that he is unsure if there's anything left for the Serb to prove following the 36-year-old's US Open victory. Djokovic made the finals in all four Grand Slams this year and won three Slam titles - now owns the all-time Slam record in men's tennis with 24 Slams while he has also tied Margaret Court's all-time tennis record of 24 Slams.

Earlier this year, Djokovic set a new record for the most weeks spent at the world No 1 spot in tennis history. “Not sure what else this man can prove, You’re a legend my friend, not only in tennis, but in all of sport,” Zverev captioned his Instagram Story.

Zverev calls Djokovic 'a legend'

Djokovic now needs just one more Slam title to become the first player in tennis history with 25 Slam titles in singles. After winning the US Open, Djokovic said he is not chasing a specific Slam number.

“I don’t put any number right now in my mind on how many slams I want to win until the end of my career. I don’t really have any number. I’ll continue to prioritize them as my most important tournaments and where I want to play the best tennis.

So that will not change. That will stay the same in the next season or I don’t know how many more seasons I have in my legs. So let’s see," Djokovic said. Also, Djokovic confirmed he is not thinking about retirement. “I feel good in my own body.

I still feel I got the support of my environment, of my team, of my family. Knowing that I play at such a high level still and I win the biggest tournaments in this sport, I don’t want to leave this sport if I’m still at the top, you know, if I’m still playing the way I’m playing," Djokovic said.

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