Novak Djokovic reveals his big dream for 2024

The Serbian champion looks to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympics on the horizon

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Novak Djokovic reveals his big dream for 2024
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Novak Djokovic talked about his great goal for 2024 in the first official post-US Open press conference. The Serbian champion clarified the next achievements he has in mind to achieve and the current organization of the Davis Cup, which he is preparing to play with his nation's jersey starting from Friday.

Nole looks to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympics on the horizon: "My plan is to compete in the games, hoping to arrive physically and mentally prepared. I know that in 2024 we will have a very demanding calendar, with Roland Garros on clay, Wimbledon on grass, the Olympics on clay and the US Open on hard courts.

It will be a challenge for everyone, but this is my intention. The five-ring event is the most important event in the history of sport, what you feel in this event is very special and cannot be compared to the rest of the tournaments."

Djokovic's opinion on the Davis Cup

Djokovic also talked about Gerard Piqué's role and on the Davis Cup format: "I don't think it's Piqué's fault, so I won't criticize him.

I think the ITF is the body that makes the final decision, even the five-year decision to change the format. They joined the Kosmos Group because they saw an opportunity for growth, but I don't see anyone criticizing the ITF for anything.

Everyone was betting on a change of format, everyone agreed that the old one needed modernization. Now is the time to find a balance. In 2019 everyone played in Madrid, leaving 99% of countries without the possibility of playing at home.

Serbia, for example, hasn't played qualifying matches at home for 4-5 years, for us that's too long without showing the Serbs their players. The format needs a review, but not being in the ITF we don't I can tell you what's going on.

I hope they consult the players about the change, since they never do. For the sake of tennis and its history, this competition must survive, because it is the longest-running team tournament we have. There is nothing more important than representing your country."

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