Novak Djokovic recounts getting his head shaved after 2010 Davis Cup win

Djokovic led Serbia to their first Davis Cup title in 2010.

by Dzevad Mesic
Novak Djokovic recounts getting his head shaved after 2010 Davis Cup win
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Novak Djokovic admits he didn't really want to have his head "shaved for too long" but added it was all worth it following Serbia's 2010 Davis Cup win. In 2010, Djokovic led Serbia to their first and lone Davis Cup title. At the time, Serbian players made a bet - if they win the Davis Cup, they shave their heads.

During a conversation with the ITF, Djokovic recounted Serbia's run to the 2010 Davis Cup. Firstly, Djokovic was showed the clip of him beating USA's John Isner in a very tight first-round match that year. “Match point… against USA in Belgrade Arena.

It was the first round on clay, five sets against John Isner. Nikola Pilic, who was with us, it was obviously a big win to start off the winning year for us at the Davis Cup at home against one of the nations that had most triumphs.

It was a huge win playing Isner on clay. It was so difficult to play him anywhere. It was a very tight match. I remember I was so nervous to close out that match as that was obviously the match to win the tie," Djokovic recalled.

Djokovic: I know how good some us looked with our shaved heads

In the 2010 Davis Cup semifinal, Serbia edged out the Czech Republic 3-2 after Janko Tipsarevic beat Radek in the fifth and deciding rubber. "This is Tipsarevic playing Stepanek in the semifinals at home.

We all felt very proud to play for our country and every single match that we played at home… packed house, people cheering us on, it was a completely different feeling from any other individual tournament that we get to play for ourselves," Djokovic said.

In the final clip showed, Djokovic recounted getting his head shaved. "Then the last video is shaving the head. I mean that was part of the bet -- if we win Davis Cup, we will all shave our heads. I don’t know for some of us how good we looked with our shaved heads. I didn’t want to keep my head shaved for too long but it was great," Djokovic said.

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