Christopher Eubanks defends Ben Shelton after claim related to Novak Djokovic match

Eubanks reacts to a fan calling Shelton 'spoiled.'

by Dzevad Mesic
Christopher Eubanks defends Ben Shelton after claim related to Novak Djokovic match
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hristopher Eubanks strongly defended Ben Shelton after the 20-year-old American star was called "spoiled" over what happened following his match against Novak Djokovic. After Djokovic beat Shelton in straight sets, the Serb imitated the American's "hanging up the phone celebration." When Shelton was asked if he thought Djokovic was mocking him, he didn't put it that way, instead suggesting he felt it was "flattering" to see a great champion like the Serb imitating his celebration.

But when Shelton's father Bryan was asked by GQ if Djokovic was mocking his son with that celebration, he said the Serb definitely was. On X, a person posted a lengthy explanation of why the Shelton family shouldn't be making any complaints.

Eubanks defends Shelton over the 'spoiled' claims

"You would think someone with such a large platform would understand how much power words have.

If Ben’s style isn’t for you, that’s perfectly fine. But to go on to insinuate that he’s been coddled by his parents is absolutely laughable to anyone that has been around them. To say that Ben 'trash talked Novak in ways the camera didn’t even capture' makes me laugh because clearly you don’t know what trash talk is.

Trash talk is usually directed at the opponent where they can hear it FYI (for your information). To call Bryan’s ONE statement about the celebration a 'tirade' is even more ridiculous, especially since he WAS ASKED a question about it and gave an answer.

One statement = 'tirade'? Just because you’ve seen that quote all over Twitter doesn’t make it a 'tirade' Gina. Actually the funniest thing about this BS is the idea that maybe they’re 'not ready to compete with the big dogs yet.'

The kid has been a pro just over a year and has made a GS Quarterfinal, a GS Semifinal, and is Top 20 in the world. Yeah Gina, definitely not ready. If Ben’s style of play or demeanor on the court isn’t for you, that’s perfectly OK!

Personal preference. But let’s not just go around making baseless claims about his upbringing, who he is as a person, and things you know nothing about," Eubanks wrote on X.

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