Carlos Alcaraz candidly tells Novak Djokovic what he is aiming to do

Alcaraz lost the world No. 1 ranking to Djokovic after the US Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Carlos Alcaraz candidly tells Novak Djokovic what he is aiming to do
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Carlos Alcaraz is motivated to do well in Beijing and the Shanghai Masters because he wants to at least reduce Novak Djokovic's lead at the top spot. After the US Open, Djokovic replaced Alcaraz at the top spot and he currently has 11,795 ranking points.

Meanwhile, Alcaraz follows with 8,535 ranking points. In the next two weeks, Alcaraz will be competing at an ATP 500 event in Beijing and also the Shanghai Masters. "I think Novak Djokovic defends some points soon, in the race he is like 700 or 800 points ahead.

By playing these two tournaments and Novak Djokovic does not participate I have the opportunity to get closer to No 1. That is the meaning of these two tournaments, to be able to do well here in Beijing and Shanghai and be able to regain number one soon.

If I don't achieve it and get closer to it, it will also be great, because there are still some tournaments ahead," Alcaraz said.

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Alcaraz praised Djokovic's North American hard court swing

During the summer on hard courts, Djokovic competed in just two tournaments and he was straight business - the Serb won back-to-back titles at the Cincinnati Masters and US Open.

After the US Open, Djokovic officially recovered the world No 1 ranking. Addressing Djokovic's return to the top spot, Alcaraz acknowledged that the Serb was pretty impressive in the United States. “As I said a few times, we have a really beautiful battle for the No 1 spot after the great performance Djokovic had in the American season.

He's the No 1 right now. I'm coming here with extra motivation to try to recover it in the Race, of course, in the ranking. As I said, it's something that I have in my mind every time that I practice, in every tournament," Alcaraz said. It remains to be seen if Alcaraz can overtake Djokovic at the world No 1 ranking before the season ends.

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