Andy Murray shades Novak Djokovic after old footage of Serb hitting Roger Federer

Murray seemingly took a shot at Djokovic.

by Dzevad Mesic
Andy Murray shades Novak Djokovic after old footage of Serb hitting Roger Federer
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Andy Murray seemingly took a shot at Novak Djokovic after an old video of the Serb hitting Roger Federer resurfaced. On Instagram, Tennis TV posted about the time when Djokovic hit Federer during their 2014 Shanghai Masters match.

In 2013, Djokovic appeared to be very frustrated after Rafael Nadal hit him with the ball. Earlier this year, Djokovic also got very annoyed with Cameron Norrie when he got hit in Rome. "Totally legitimate play. Great shot. However, when Rafa clocked him in Canada and Norrie in Rome he reacted like 'how dare you?'" Murray wrote in the comment section.

Murray seemingly shades Djokovic

During this year's Rome Masters, Norrie landed a smash in Djokovic's calf. The Serb wasn't happy at all and he gave a lengthy stare to Norrie. After the match, Djokovic suggested that even if Norrie didn't him him deliberately, he had the entire to pick where he wanted to land his shot.

"I did watch the replay when he hit me. Maybe you could say he didn't hit me deliberately. I don't know if he saw me. Peripherally you can always see where the player is positioned on the court. The ball was super slow and super close to the net.

I just turned around because the point was over for me. It was not so much maybe about that, it was maybe about that, but it was maybe a combination of things. From the very beginning he was doing all the things that were allowed.

He's allowed to take a medical timeout. He's allowed to hit a player. He's allowed to say 'come on' in the face more or less every single point from basically the first game. Those are the things that we players know in the locker room it's not fair play, it's not how we treat each other. But, again it's allowed so..." Djokovic said after the match.

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