Marion Bartoli details why Novak Djokovic is 'the perfect tennis athlete'


Marion Bartoli details why Novak Djokovic is 'the perfect tennis athlete'
Marion Bartoli details why Novak Djokovic is 'the perfect tennis athlete' © Getty Images Sport - Daniel Pockett

2013 Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli has declared Novak Djokovic "the perfect tennis athlete." Djokovic, 36, has outstanding athletic abilities as his footwork and movement are widely considered one of the most impressive parts of his astonishing game.

This year, Carlos Alcaraz proved that he can compete and win against Djokovic. But still, Djokovic had more success on the Grand Slam stage and Bartoli feels the 36-year-old Serb is still the best in the game. At 36, Djokovic is still looking great and there is no doubt that his commitment to training and proper diet is the reason why he is today in such a position.

Bartoli on why Djokovic is 'the perfect tennis athlete'

"If you will build the perfect tennis athlete you can’t have someone better than (Novak). The flexibility, the smoothness, everything moves freely. I think we have to go deeper into the analysis and when you look at the season, there is one who won three Grand Slams and one who won one Grand Slam, it’s as simple as that.

And one who played four Grand Slam finals and one who played one. I think we have to just look at a broader way on how each other are handling the whole season. And out of that for now, as it stands, Novak’s doing a better job.

Obviously Novak is more towards the end of his career than the beginning. But I just think that the way he has managed this season… and just the mental strength and the ability to bounce back from anything – I found it extraordinary and I don’t think a lot of people can pretend to have the same mental strength as him," Bartoli said.

Meanwhile, Djokovic is currently resting and skipping the entire Asian swing. Djokovic is expected to return to action at the Paris Masters, which starts on October 30th. After the Paris Masters, Djokovic also plans to play the ATP Finals and the Davis Cup Final 8. Recently, Djokovic said that his big goal is to win the Davis Cup with Serbia this year.

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