Ben Shelton comments on Novak Djokovic, other players imitating his phone celebration

Shelton's phone celebration became very popular after Djokovic imitated it after their US Open match.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ben Shelton comments on Novak Djokovic, other players imitating his phone celebration
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Ben Shelton seems to be very happy seeing that his phone celebration is getting more and more recognition in the sports world. After beating Shelton in the US Open final, Djokovic imitated the 20-year-old's celebration and "hung up the phone" on the American.

That moment went viral as many felt Djokovic was mocking rising American star Shelton. Since then, Shelton's celebration has been used by some other tennis players, as well as by some pro athletes from other sports. "You saw Djokovic do it, you saw Musetti do it, you saw Fognini do it.

The guys at Laver Cup were doing it whenever I won a big point. It's even gone outside the sport I saw, was it Hakimi? Maybe the footballer. I think he did it in one of his games, And I'm getting tagged on social media all the time, people win a game or win a match and they're doing this and hanging up the phone.

I mean, it's pretty funny for me," Shelton said.

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Shelton claimed he was 'flattered' by Djokovic's act

After beating Shelton and imitating the American's celebration, Djokovic was asked if his intention was to mock the American.

"I just love Ben's celebration. I thought it was very original, and I copied him. I stole his celebration," Djokovic said of imitating Shelton's celebration. When Shelton was asked to share his thoughts on Djokovic's act, he also insisted that he had no problems with what the Serb did. "I don't like when I'm on social media and I see people telling me how I can celebrate or can't celebrate.

I think if you win the match, you deserve to do whatever you want. As a kid growing up, I always learned that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so that's all I have to say about that," Shelton said when asked about Djokovic's celebration.

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