Jimmy Connors warns Carlos Alcaraz after his comments on Novak Djokovic rivalry

Connors addresses Alcaraz revealing he is constantly thinking about Djokovic.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jimmy Connors warns Carlos Alcaraz after his comments on Novak Djokovic rivalry
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Tennis legend Jimmy Connors has warned Carlos Alcaraz that focusing solely on Novak Djokovic might not be the wisest thing to do since there are several other players aiming to do great things as well. Following his US Open win, Djokovic also replaced Alcaraz at the world No 1 spot.

Since then, Alcaraz has been pretty open about his intention to overtake Djokovic at the top spot as soon as possible. In his first tournament since the US Open in Beijing, Alcaraz revealed Djokovic is on his mind every time he steps out on the practice court. “Almost in every practice.

I’m not going to lie. I practice with a goal, I go to the tournaments with a goal. It’s trying to end the year as No 1 so Novak Djokovic is around my mind almost in every practice," Alcaraz said in Beijing.

Connors warns Alcaraz not to put all of his focus on Djokovic

Throughout the entire season, Alcaraz and Djokovic have been going back and forth in their battle for the world No 1 spot.

With the season being in its final stage, the battle for the Year-End No 1 spot is very much on. Addressing Alcaraz's recent comments on the rivalry with Djokovic, Connors explained to the Spaniard why he just can't solely focus on one player. "My first thought about it is, I get that, even though Alcaraz beat him at Wimbledon, he's been kind of a thorn in his side a little bit.

But he’s got to be careful doing that because then you're preparing for only one guy. And I understand also that you think ‘well if I’m playing good enough to be that guy, I'll be able to beat everybody else too’ but that's not really true because other guys have different games, as he saw with Sinner.

And the way he plays is different than the way Novak, Alcaraz or Medvedev. These guys, they're big, they're strong. Some guys take a little bit more advantage of a short ball. Other guys play six, eight or 10 feet behind the baseline and are able to hit winners from back there, like Medvedev.

You've got to be prepared for everybody that you play. So it's your game. I would go out and I'd work on my game, because I thought my games should be good enough to play anybody, not just to play one guy but to play anybody," Connors said on Advantage Connors podcast, via Sportskeeda.

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