Novak Djokovic's classy response: 'I disagree with Rafa Nadal but still respect him'

Novak Djokovic commented on Rafael Nadal's spicy words about hime

by Jovica Ilic
Novak Djokovic's classy response: 'I disagree with Rafa Nadal but still respect him'
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Novak Djokovic has been preparing for the season-ending events in Paris, Turin and Malaga. In an interview with Sportal, Novak did not want to go deeper and say anything negative about Rafael Nadal following the Spaniard's recent words about him.

In Nadal's opinion, Djokovic would have been frustrated without achieving the most Major titles, turning his 'not too healthy' desire into maximum ambition. Novak disagreed with his great rival and still praised him as one of the sport's icons and someone who made him a better player.

Djokovic has been focusing on chasing Major titles in the previous years, battling with Nadal and Federer and leaving them behind for good in 2023. Novak is 27-1 at Majors this season, lifting three trophies and cementing his GOAT status.

Djokovic secured his tenth Australian Open title at the beginning of the season, returning at his best after missing the event last year.

Novak Djokovic stayed classy in his response to Rafael Nadal's claims.

Novak was the favorite in Paris alongside Carlos Alcaraz, toppling the Spaniard in the semi-final and ousting Casper Ruud in the title clash, lifting the record-breaking 23rd Major crown.

The Serb stood as a player to beat at Wimbledon, seeking his eighth The All England Club trophy. Novak reached the final and fell to Carlos after an epic five-set battle, experiencing his only loss at Majors in 2023. The Serb conquered his fourth US Open crown in September, extending his streak and standing on 24 Majors.

At 26, Djokovic is battling with Alcaraz for the year-end no. 1 spot, hoping for a good run in Paris and Turin. "I have seen that Rafa's comments went viral, with many people speaking about it. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, how he interprets someone else in a certain context, etc.

That's all I can say. I respect and appreciate Rafa as a great champion, my biggest rival, and a player who contributed to shaping my game and the results I have accomplished. I have no intention of speaking in a negative light about him or Roger Federer; my respect toward them supersedes some negative opinions I might have.

Again, that's Rafa's opinion, and I, of course, do not agree. I have my opinion, but I will not share it as I do not want us to go deeper into that. There is no need for that," Novak Djokovic said.

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