Novak Djokovic's coach tells how Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal presence influenced Serb


Novak Djokovic's coach tells how Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal presence influenced Serb
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Coach Goran Ivanisevic highlighted that Novak Djokovic never lacked motivation in his career but also acknowledged that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's presence definitely pushed the Serb to work harder and be better. Djokovic, 36, has been at the top for over a decade and a half now.

Even now in his mid-thirties, Djokovic is still a very dominant force in tennis and just this year he set a couple of pretty astonishing records. Ivanisevic, who has been a part of Djokovic's team since 2019, underlines that the word "impossible" doesn't exist in the 24-time Grand Slam champion's mind. “I am happy to train a genius, the best tennis player of all time and one of the best athletes in general.

Novak is one of a kind, there are not many people in the world like him, he is a winner. He was lucky to have people like Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer before him, so they pushed each other, but he motivates himself. When you tell him he can't do something, he shows you that he can do it.

He always tries to find a way to win, without excuses, even if he is sick or if he is injured," Ivanisevic said during the Entrepreneurial Attitude conference.

Djokovic has won nine Grand Slams since hiring Ivanisevic

Djokovic was once well behind Federer and Nadal in the Grand Slam race.

But since 2019, Djokovic has by far won the most Grand Slams in men's tennis. Now, Djokovic is two Grand Slams clear ahead of Nadal and he is guaranteed to finish his career with at least four more Majors than Federer. Considering that Djokovic made all four Grand Slam finals this year and won three Majors, it's very possible that the Serb will add more Slam success to his name before retiring.

After winning this year's US Open, Djokovic warned his rivals that he is not thinking about retiring and that he is hungry for more success.

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