Boris Becker explains why Novak Djokovic badly wants another Davis Cup title


Boris Becker explains why Novak Djokovic badly wants another Davis Cup title
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Boris Becker says Novak Djokovic is "a proud Serb" and that's one of the main reasons why he wants so much to win another Davis Cup title. Djokovic, who turned 36 in May, led Serbia to their first and so far lone Davis Cup title in 2010.

After enjoying an outstanding year on the Grand Slam level, Djokovic shared that winning the Davis Cup title with Serbia was his biggest priority for the remainder of the 2023 season. Serbia has reached the Davis Cup Final 8 and they will be led by Djokovic in Malaga next month.

Becker coached Djokovic for three seasons and he explained why the Davis Cup means so much to the Serb. “Afterwards (after the US Open) he usually makes a radical cut (in his schedule). Of course, there are exceptions, like after the US Open this season.

Novak then played the Davis Cup and qualified for the final tournament of the best eight with Serbia. He is a proud Serb. He always was. Novak always enjoyed representing his country. That speaks for his attitude, his love for his fatherland, that’s what sets him apart,” Becker told Eurosport's Das Gelbe vom Ball podcast.

Becker says Djokovic is 'a proud Serb'

Just days after winning this year's US Open, Djokovic went to Valencia to help Serbia make it past the Davis Cup Finals group stage. In Valencia, Djokovic very openly spoke about his desire to win another Davis Cup title this year.

"My priority will be winning the Davis Cup. I hope it will come step by step. The first step was taken without me by winning against South Korea with 3:0 two days ago. I came here to contribute to the overall triumph of Serbia.

The goal is to qualify for the final tournament in Malaga and to go where we didn't play last year," Djokovic said after the US Open. In the Davis Cup Final 8 quarterfinal, Serbia will be clashing against Great Britain. When the time comes for the Davis Cup Final 8, there is no doubt that we can expect to see a heavily-motivated Djokovic.

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