Novak Djokovic highlights big goal that he still hasn't accomplished


Novak Djokovic highlights big goal that he still hasn't accomplished
Novak Djokovic highlights big goal that he still hasn't accomplished © Getty Images Sport - Mark Kolbe

Novak Djokovic has highlighted that winning the gold medal at the Olympics is one of the big goals that he hasn't yet accomplished. Djokovic, who some consider the indisputable GOAT due to his astonishing resume, has won basically everything except an Olympic gold medal.

In 2008, Djokovic won the bronze medal in his Olympic debut in Beijing. Four years later, Djokovic was beaten in the London Olympics semifinal and then also lost the bronze medal. In 2016, Djokovic suffered a disappointing first-round loss to Juan Martin del Potro at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Two years ago, Djokovic reached the Tokyo Olympics semifinal before losing to Alexander Zverev despite being up by a set and break in that match. Next year, 36-year-old Djokovic will attempt to win his first gold medal at the Paris Olympics.

Djokovic aims the Paris Olympics gold medal

"Well, you know, I have said this before. Of course my greatest motivation is still love for the game. I really like competing. So as simple as that. Then, you know, I always have goals, you know, and to win another slam, to be No 1 again, to finish the year as No 1.

Those are let's say the big goals. Of course next year is Olympic Games. I really want to do well in Olympic Games, represent my country. Davis Cup is something that still gives me a lot of inspiration. Of course any tournament where I play, I want to win, no doubt.

But the big goals are the ones that I mentioned. So I think it's important to have clarity, you know, to have goals and ambitions and move towards them. I have, let's say, luxury right now to choose which tournaments I participate on, to set my schedule in such a way where I can peak at the right tournaments where I set my highest goals," Djokovic said.

Meanwhile, Djokovic is set for the Paris Masters. In Paris, Djokovic is the top-seeded player and this week he is chasing his seventh title at Bercy.

Novak Djokovic

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