Gilles Simon details why all players should support Novak Djokovic's PTPA

Simon voices public support for Djokovic's PTPA.

by Dzevad Mesic
Gilles Simon details why all players should support Novak Djokovic's PTPA
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Former world No 6 Gilles Simon is publicly supporting Novak Djokovic's PTPA as the Frenchman believes the Serb's association has the goal of representing the players in the best way possible. In 2020, now record 24-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic launched the Professional Tennis Players Association.

Djokovic, ranked at No 1 in the world and one of the greatest players in tennis history, wasn't particularly happy with the rights and conditions that the players had when he launched the PTPA. Because of that, Djokovic underlined at the time that one of his biggest goals and priorities was to ensure better rights and conditions for all players.

Djokovic wants to ensure better rights and conditions for all players but especially for the lower-ranked ones, because he believes those players need the biggest help. Simon, who turned pro in 2002 and retired from professional tennis last year, thinks Djokovic's intentions are pure and he is out there to help other players.

Simon supports Djokovic's PTPA

“Novak's union, if all the players joined it, would represent 100% of the players in the negotiations. The players would be independent, then you have to negotiate with the ATP, with the tournaments, what needs to be negotiated.

There, the ATP which represents us does not represent the players. It /the ATP) represents itself first, and even when it negotiates with the Grand Slams, it represents itself. That is to say that it has interests, it functions like tournaments, it has a Masters, it has tournaments, it has the Youth Masters, it has an ATP Cup or a United Cup, so it does not does not make decisions for the players, it makes decisions for itself which generate a lot of money, so it does not represent the players at all, supposedly, at 50%.

So, the point is to have an organization that represents the players 100%," Simon said, via We Love Tennis. Over the last few years, the PTPA has reacted numerous times in cases when a player complained about something or needed help.

Most recently, the PTPA came to Jannik Sinner's defense at the Paris Masters. In Paris, Sinner's second-round match finished at 02:37 am local time. Sinner was scheduled to return to the court later that day and many weren't happy at all with the tournament's scheduling.

Sinner ended up withdrawing from his round-of-16 match and the PTPA sided with the Italian, saying in a statement that "players (need) to have a united voice to address challenges such as match scheduling."

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