Novak Djokovic asked by reporter to help his wife on how to deal with stomach bugs


Novak Djokovic asked by reporter to help his wife on how to deal with stomach bugs
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Novak Djokovic received a pretty interesting question following his Paris Masters win as a reporter told the Serb that his wife would like to know how he was able to deal so well with his stomach issues at Bercy. After just barely scraping past Tallon Griekspoor in the Paris round-of-16 on Thursday, Djokovic revealed that he was heavily bothered by stomach issues.

That night, Djokovic said that in the last three days he was spending more time on the toilet than on the court. Despite the nagging stomach issues, Djokovic was able to finish the week in Paris victorious. After beating Grigor Dimitrov in the Paris final, a reported wanted to know if Djokovic had any tips for his wife who "suffers a lot" from stomach issues. "I cannot.

I'm not a doctor so I'm unable to give medical advice (smiling). I guess, you know, everyone is different, but, you know, for me hydration is the key, I think, for anything, really. I can't talk on behalf of your wife or anybody else, you know, what kind of diet helps or doesn't help.

You know, I couldn't eat much really these days, so I probably would eat only once in a day, and then I wouldn't eat anything. Just be on liquids, because anything that I, you know, would put in my mouth, it would go out very quickly (smiling).

So that's, yeah, and then of course you feel dizzy, you feel dehydrated all the time. You feel weak," Djokovic said.

Djokovic: Sorry I couldn't give any medical advice

Further answering the question, Djokovic said that his mindset on the court in Paris was simple - either retire or give it your all.

That approach worked out extremely well for Djokovic, who ended up winning his seventh Paris title. "So that's what kind of helped me to have extra, I think, extra push, extra energy this week. But I experience the stomach bugs like anybody else.

Maybe for me it lasted shorter than for your wife, I'm not sure, but it was three, four days of big struggle. So today is the first day that I have been actually feeling that it's behind me. Sorry I couldn't give any medicine advice or, you know, the cures. There is no cure, I guess (smiling)," Djokovic added.

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