Novak Djokovic addresses surprise departure of his long-time agent

Djokovic and Edoardo Artaldi worked together for 15 years.

by Dzevad Mesic
Novak Djokovic addresses surprise departure of his long-time agent
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Novak Djokovic confirmed the departure of his long-time agent Edoardo Artaldi and added that "a new chapter" is starting in everything concerning his life off the court. Recently, it was reported that Djokovic and Artaldi split after working together for 15 years.

In Paris, Djokovic confirmed the rumors were true and also announced that Elena Cappellaro - who was the head of communications in his team and had other responsibilities as well - was no longer part of his team. Djokovic hinted that he has projects off the court but refused to disclose his exact plans.

"We remain friends, but professionally we’re going our separate ways. A new chapter begins for me in everything concerning my life off the court. The transition isn’t easy, but things are moving forward," Djokovic told Tennis Majors' Carole Bouchard.

Djokovic still hasn't found a replacement for Artaldi

“He hasn’t made up his mind yet, as the team surrounding him is still being put together,” a source very close to Djokovic told Tennis Majors after the Serb's Paris win.

Meanwhile, Djokovic is aiming a strong run at the ATP Finals and Davis Cup Final 8 after winning Paris. "My goal is to end up the season on the high note, on the highest note possible. The players that are not fighting for the World Tour Finals like Grigor, they have more motivation to end up this last tournament of the season on a high note, but you also have players who are very tired, and there are also players who are fighting who have a ticket for Turin.

So I'm one of the players who are very motivated to end up the season on a high note. With all of the emotion and the energy from the public this week in Paris, every day I find the motivation to play my best tennis in Paris, in Roland Garros or here in Bercy," Djokovic said. Next week in Turin, Djokovic will be on a mission to defend his ATP Finals title.

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