Djokovic celebrates Bercy title with sparklers in Paris center (VIDEO)

Watch Novak Djokovic enjoying his victory in Paris.

by Claudiu Pop
Djokovic celebrates Bercy title with sparklers in Paris center (VIDEO)
© @NajlaAbuHaider / Twitter

Novak Djokovic, who won the title in Paris Bercy for the seventh time, was spotted celebrating at the famous Siena restaurant in the beautiful city centre of Paris. The Serbian played with some sparklers and laughed a lot in the short video of him posted on X.

Djokovic also took a photo with a signed plate to honour the restaurant.

Djokovic dined in the same restaurant before Alcaraz win at Roland Garros

Novak Djokovic seems to have a special connection with the Siena restaurant.

The Serbian dined there before kicking out Carlos Alcaraz in the semifinals of this year's Roland Garros, in a match where the Spaniard struggled with physical problems.

The staff in the Siena restaurant, marketed under the slogan "La Toscane au coeur de Paris (Tuscany in the heart of Paris)", was pleased to have a sports star of Novak Djokovic's level eating inside their building.

After all, as was the case this time, they had him sign a plate and took a picture of him inside the restaurant. The restaurant captioned the picture and posted it on Instagram. "What an honor to welcome Novak Djokovic in our restaurant last night," the caption reads.

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