Novak Djokovic's PTPA issues statement on players' complaints about 2023 WTA Finals


Novak Djokovic's PTPA issues statement on players' complaints about 2023 WTA Finals
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Novak Djokovic's PTPA thinks the 2023 WTA Finals edition "cast a shadow over the sport of tennis" and called on the WTA to analyze the mistakes that were made so there is a better understanding of what needs to be avoided in the future.

The host location for the 2023 WTA Finals was unknown until September, when the WTA announced that Cancun would host the season-ending tournament. When the players arrived in Cancun, the stadium construction was just getting finished.

Just a day before the start of the WTA Finals, the players had their first hit on the court. After hitting on the court, the players very openly complained that the court conditions were poor. Also, the players weren't happy at all with Cancun's rainy and windy weather conditions in this part of the year.

PTPA's statement on players' complaints about the 2023 WTA Finals

"The recently concluded WTA Finals not only disappointed players and fans, but also cast a shadow over the sport of tennis and women's sports in general.

Last week, the PTPA chose to remain silent out of respect for the dedicated players who put in a year of hard work to get there, and the local organizers unfairly trapped in an impossible situation. Now that the event is behind us, we hereby invite the WTA to co-commission an independent, third-party report that delves into the numerous, glaring breakdowns that occurred over the past several months.

This is how we build lasting solutions: we must step beyond the confines of our insular tennis hierarchy and actively seek outside expertise to ensure these mistakes do not continue. We will await the WTA's response within 10 days to join us in this crucial effort for the betterment of women's tennis," the PTPA said in a statement.

During the WTA Finals, a letter sent by WTA CEO Steve Simon to the players was revealed.

In the letter, Simon acknowledged that he heard all of the players' complaints and noted that he understood it was "not a perfect event."

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