Novak Djokovic's PTPA releases statement on Elena Rybakina's WTA Finals complaints

Djokovic's PTPA supports Rybakina in her complaints.

by Dzevad Mesic
Novak Djokovic's PTPA releases statement on Elena Rybakina's WTA Finals complaints
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Novak Djokovic's PTPA is standing with Elena Rybakina following the Kazakh's complaints about the conditions during the WTA Finals in Cancun. In Cancun, Rybakina complained about the court conditions and tricky weather conditions, which included lots of wind and rain.

Also, Rybakina highlighted that having the stadium finished just a day before the start of the WTA Finals wasn't ideal either. "Overall, it's not easy here. Everyone is struggling. As I said, I'm not really happy with the conditions and the setup of the tournament.

About the court, I don't really want to talk. Because everything was late and there was no time to fix anything. I think the quality of the match wasn't the greatest. But as I said, I tried to do my best," Rybakina said. Addressing Rybakina's complaints from Cancun, the PTPA said: "Player voices must be heard.

The PTPA stands with the players speaking out and demanding better."

Djokovic's PTPA supports Rybakina in her complaints

Rybakina wasn't the only player who complained very openly about the conditions in Cancun.

Most notably, Aryna Sabalenka - who was the world No 1 during the WTA Finals - said she felt "unsafe" on the court after her opening match in Cancun. For Rybakina, it definitely wasn't the most memorable WTA Finals debut as the Kazakh failed to make the semifinal after going 1-2 in the group stage.

After losing to Sabalenka in the key match that was determining the final semifinalist from their group, Rybakina expressed her gratitude to her supported and underlined that she did her best in Cancun. “Maybe it wasn't the best conditions, but I know I fought until the end.

I am very grateful to all the fans who supported us throughout the week. The public here is really very special," Rybakina said after concluding her WTA Finals debut.

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