Andre Agassi fires humorous all-time Slam record warning to Novak Djokovic


Andre Agassi fires humorous all-time Slam record warning to Novak Djokovic
Andre Agassi fires humorous all-time Slam record warning to Novak Djokovic © Getty Images Sport - Michael Dodge

Andre Agassi says Novak Djokovic may not end up with the most Grand Slams after all as the American tennis legend joked he would get half of Steffi Graf's Grand Slams if they ever divorced. Djokovic, ranked at No 1 in the world, is the first-ever male player to win 24 Grand Slams.

Agassi, one of the most iconic American tennis players, won eight Slams during his career. Agassi's wife Graf enjoyed an even far bigger success, having won 22 Majors in singles. In divorce settlement cases, most of the time a divorced couple settles to split everything in half.

"Hey, let's be on the record, if she [Steffi Graf] ever leaves me, I get half her Slams, right? Puts me at about 29 then, Novak Djokovic has a long way to go still," Agassi jokingly said on The Pat McAfee Show.

Agassi he may end up having more Slams than Djokovic

Jokes aside, Djokovic has been able to accomplish something that no male player has ever managed before - to win 24 Grand Slams in singles.

Djokovic leads the all-time Grand Slam list in men's tennis but there is still someone he can surpass - Margaret Court. If Djokovic wins his 25th Slam next year, he will become the first-ever tennis player male or female with that number of Majors.

"I don't put any number right now in my mind on how many slams I want to win until the end of my career. I don't really have any number. I'll continue to prioritize them as my most important tournaments and where I want to play the best tennis.

So that will not change. That will stay the same in the next season or I don't know how many more seasons I have in my legs. So let's see," Djokovic said after clinching his 24th Grand Slam. Djokovic's first chance at winning his 25th Slam will come at the 2024 Australian Open.

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