Jimmy Connors gets honest on Novak Djokovic possibly breaking his all-time record

Djokovic is 13 titles away from beating Connors' all-time record.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jimmy Connors gets honest on Novak Djokovic possibly breaking his all-time record
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Jimmy Connors, 71, shares that he is Novak Djokovic fan and suggests that he would feel fine with his all-time title record being broken by a special player. Connors, a former eight-time Grand Slam champion, finished his career 109 titles - to this day, that number stands as the record for the most titles won by a male tennis player.

Djokovic recently landed his 97th title at the Paris Masters. Djokovic may be 36 but he has won three consecutive tournaments and is having another astonishing season. Djokovic still needs 13 titles to beat Connors' all-time record but he definitely has a shot.

"I've had a good run. I don't know what it is, the number, you know, 109 has stood. And if somebody's going to come up and beat that, God damn, good luck to him! Sometimes being in the finals ain't a bad thing. I finished a long time ago, 35 years ago with 109, it has stood a long time and if somebody passes me, you better be pretty freaking good, you know? And if that happens, on you go," Connors said of the Advantage Connors podcast.

Connors reveals he is a Djokovic fan

When Connors was active, it was a completely different way of playing tennis. In Djokovic, Connors sees "an old-school guy" and that's one of the reasons why the American tennis icon admires the Serb. "I'm a Djoker fan.

I am because I like the way he plays, he takes the ball early, he's kind of an old-schooler. The way he plays and gets in there and tries to be aggressive on their returns and move forward and so forth. I like that because he's an old-schooler.

And for him, go far it. If you play another two or three years or whatever and bypass me. Do I like the record? Yeah, but records are made to be broken, right? And if somebody comes up and does it, go for it. Good on you," Connors added. Meanwhile, Djokovic is set to kick off his ATP Finals campaign, where he will try to win his 98th career title.

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