Emil Ruusuvuori makes fair Novak Djokovic point while addressing demanding schedule


Emil Ruusuvuori makes fair Novak Djokovic point while addressing demanding schedule
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World No 69 Emil Ruusuvuori says the ATP calendar is too demanding for a regular player and highlighted that "only Novak Djokovic" has the ability to play 10 tournaments per year and still be ranked at No 1. This year, 24-year-old Ruusuvuori posted a 26-24 record on the ATP level.

Also, Ruusuvuori appeared in a few Challenger tournaments, which brings his match total in 2023 to 60. Ruusuvuori, who achieved a career-high ranking of No 37 in April, pretty much plays week in and week out during the season.

Meanwhile, Djokovic appeared in 12 tournaments this year - won seven titles - and finished the year as the world No 1. "Yes, it surely is. The amount of travel and playing time too, but with a ranking like mine that's how this sport works.

Only Novak can play ten tournaments a year and be number one (laughs). For the rest... things are not so simple. We have to play a lot because there are many results that count, 19. The trips, the balls... all that influences. Everyone says they would like to play less, but we end up playing almost every week.

This is how we have to do it, that's what the circuit pushes us to do," Ruusuvuori told Punto de Break.

Ruusuvuori speaks out against the constant ball changes

For quite some time, Ruusuvuori has been battling an elbow injury.

At this week's Davis Cup Final 8 in Malaga, Ruusuvuori arrived dealing with a shoulder injury. Ruusuvuori refused to blame the constant ball changes for his shoulder injury but highlighted that tournaments constantly changing the balls definitely isn't doing any favor to players. "With the shoulder injury probably not.

It could be, but I would say no. It is true that I have suffered for more than two years with my elbow: there are times when the pain comes and goes, but it is there, constantly. It is clear that we must improve in that aspect, that I can be stronger and that I can handle it better.

What I can guarantee you 100% is that it doesn't help at all that we are constantly changing conditions. I also have to take a look at my schedule with the team, put together a schedule in which I can play two weeks with the same ball, because if you change every week you are taking too much risk," Ruusuvuori said.

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