Novak Djokovic shares thoughts on controversy surrounding tennis balls

Djokovic asked about players complaining that the current balls are causing injuries.

by Dzevad Mesic
Novak Djokovic shares thoughts on controversy surrounding tennis balls
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Novak Djokovic says there "absolutely should be some discussions" regarding players' complaints about the constant ball changes. Throughout the year, players have complained about the constant ball changes negatively impacting performance and many players have also claimed that those same balls are causing injuries.

At the start of the Davis Cup Final 8 in Malaga, Djokovic was asked about more and more players blaming the balls for the increased number of injuries. "You know, I think someone told me that in terms of injuries this year comparing to other years, you know, drastically has gone up.

So yeah, in terms of the balls, I absolutely agree there should be some discussion on that," Djokovic said.

Djokovic wants better consistency with the balls used

Tournaments are taking place pretty much every week during the season and players have suggested that at least playing with one type of ball during a certain swing would help a lot.

After the US Open, Djokovic missed the entire Asian swing. It was during the Asian swing when players started throwing really heavy criticism at the constant ball changes. “I actually just had the conversation with Andrea Gaudenzi, president of ATP, and Massimo (Calvelli), the CEO.

Because I haven’t been on the tour for quite some time, so I haven’t had a chance to talk to them. Of course I have seen the comments that more and more players were making about the balls that were used on different tournaments.

Actually, (Sebastian) Korda, the player that I practiced with today, told me that this is fifth tournament now in a row that he’s been playing with different balls. This inconsistency is an issue, and that’s what most of the players, and also of course including myself, we complain about.

I think there needs to be a bit more consistency with the balls so that we avoid any kind of issues with wrists and elbows and shoulders," Djokovic previously said at the Paris Masters.

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