Photo: Nick Kyrgios asked if aliens exist, posts Novak Djokovic picture

Kyrgios thinks extremely highly of Djokovic and his tennis.

by Dzevad Mesic
Photo: Nick Kyrgios asked if aliens exist, posts Novak Djokovic picture
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Nick Kyrgios hilariously posted a Novak Djokovic picture as a response to a fan asking him if he believes aliens exist. On Instagram, Kyrgios was holding a Q&A session with his fans. The majority of questions received were tennis-related.

One fan asked Kyrgios: "Do aliens exist?" Kyrgios answered by posting a Djokovic picture.

Novak Djokovic© Nick Kyrgios - Instagram

Kyrgios, who was beaten by Djokovic in the 2022 Wimbledon final, always speaks extremely highly of the Serb.

Earlier this month, Kyrgios used the word "alien" when addressing Djokovic's astonishing success in 2023.

Kyrgios predicted Djokovic would win the ATP Finals

During the ATP Finals, Kyrgios was a part of Tennis Channel's crew.

For the Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz semifinal in Turin, Kyrgios gave the edge to the Serb. Djokovic ended up beating Alcaraz with just five games lost. For the Djokovic and Jannik Sinner final, Kyrgios explained why he believed that the Serb would handle the Italian.

Djokovic beat Sinner in two sets and Kyrgios' made another correct prediction. "My predictions have been pretty good!!!! Had a blast, ready to analyse more tennis or other sports," Kyrgios wrote on X following Djokovic's ATP Finals win.

After correctly predicting Djokovic's ATP Finals win, Kyrgios also named the Serb as the player he has winning the 2024 Australian Open. Djokovic is a record 10-time Australian Open champion and Kyrgios thinks the Serb is kind of "untouchable" there.

"Betting against Novak in Australia has almost become like betting against Rafa at Roland Garros. Rafa fourteen times on the dirt, in Australia, it's ten times for Novak and he didn't show us anything today or this week that's going to dissuade I think any of us from thinking that," Jim Courier said on Tennis Channel.

Kyrgios agreed with Courier's prediction: "Yeah, boring prediction from me. I think Novak, as well. He's so comfortable in Australia and after last year, he was basically untouchable as well. No signs of slowing down, so I'm going with Novak as well." Meanwhile, Kyrgios is working on returning in 2024 after being limited to just one tournament in 2023.

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