Tallon Griekspoor identifies why Novak Djokovic is a nightmare rival

Griekspoor has a 0-3 record against Djokovic.

by Dzevad Mesic
Tallon Griekspoor identifies why Novak Djokovic is a nightmare rival
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Tallon Griekspoor says you need to play "very well the entire match" to have a shot at beating Novak Djokovic and also highlighted that the Serb's ability to win even when he is not playing his best is a big reason why he is "the best in history." Griekspoor, ranked at No 23 in the world, has played against Djokovic three times.

After getting demolished by Djokovic in their first two meetings at the 2021 US Open and 2023 Dubai, 27-year-old Griekspoor competed much better against Djokovic at the recent Paris Masters. In Paris, Griekspoor was up by a set before Djokovic came back to win 4-6 7-6 (2) 6-4 their round-of-16 match.

Griekspoor was competing extremely well against Djokovic but the Serb also wasn't playing his best because he was hampered by a stomach bug. Still, Djokovic found a way to beat an inspired Griekspoor and also overcome his stomach bug.

Griekspoor on what makes Djokovic 'the best in the world'

"I had played against him twice before and he had completely destroyed me. In Paris, I was a different tennis player. I played better, it's true that maybe he wasn't 100%, but three days later he won the tournament.

He was well enough to play. Djokovic is Djokovic. That's what makes him so good. He showed, also last week in Turin, why he is the best player in the world, probably the best player in history. To beat him you need to play very well the entire match.

I played well, I stayed very close, but not enough to beat him. I hope I get another chance to face him soon," Griekspoor told Punto de Break. Griekspoor maybe didn't clinch his first win against Djokovic in Paris but it was still a performance of which the Dutch could be proud of. It remains to be seen if Griekspoor will get a chance to play Djokovic again in 2024.

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