ATP player shuts down one claim about Novak Djokovic doping incident in Malaga

Djokovic refused to take a pre-match doping test in Malaga.

by Dzevad Mesic
ATP player shuts down one claim about Novak Djokovic doping incident in Malaga
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French tennis player Laurent Lokoli has come to Novak Djokovic's defense after the anti-doping incident in Malaga, saying that giving a urine sample before or after the match changes nothing. Following his Davis Cup win over Cameron Norrie in Malaga, Djokovic revealed that an hour and a half he was asked to take a doping test.

Djokovic wasn't happy with the anti-doping authorities and he refused to do so, citing his pre-match routine and not wanting to risk anything with his body going into a match. Also, Djokovic claimed he would always gladly take a doping test after the match.

But some weren't convinced of Djokovic's statement, claiming that there was a bigger reason why the Serb didn't want to take a doping test before the match. "So, for those who think that pre-match urine is more accurate than post-match urine, that is wrong.

Dehydration from a match results in ultra-concentrated urine which will allow biologists to find any trace of doping during a check," Lokoli wrote on X.

Lokolo comes to Djokovic's defense

When asked to address the situation in Malaga, Djokovic said he was stunned and claimed that "it never happened" in 20 years of his career.

"I had a brief discussion with people from the anti-doping agency. I didn't believe that they made such a decision, in 20 and more years of my career, it never happened to me that an hour and a half before the match I needed to go for doping control.

I have my own routine, I don't need that distraction, to have my urine and blood taken, to think about whether I can give urine at that moment. Illogical situation and decision. They told me that one of the important reasons for that decision was that it would end late, so that they would give us more time to rest, but the day of the break was... People from the anti-doping agency would not stay late, that was another reason," Djokovic told Sport Klub.

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