Feliciano Lopez issues very interesting response to Novak Djokovic's DC criticism

Lopez responds to Djokovic saying the Davis Cup Final 8 'needs to travel.'

by Dzevad Mesic
Feliciano Lopez issues very interesting response to Novak Djokovic's DC criticism
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Tournament director Feliciano Lopez provided a bit interesting response to Novak Djokovic's Davis Cup criticism, saying that it is "going to be tough" to find a good host city for the final tournament like Malaga. During last week's Davis Cup Final 8 tournament, Djokovic said that "the Davis Cup has to travel" and that regularly hosting the tournament in Malaga probably isn't the best idea.

Since the introduction of the new format, Madrid and Malaga have been host cities for the Davis Cup Finals knockout stage. “I don’t think we all agree. We will have probably difference of opinions, but I think the home-and-away ties is something the Davis Cup historically has been very famous for.

And now giving one nation to host every year the [Final 8] for now three, four years in a row, actually five, Madrid, Malaga, is too much, in my opinion. It has to travel. This is a competition that is played globally. I feel like the Davis Cup Finals, at least if you’re going to keep it at Final 4, Final 8, should travel every year.

It shouldn’t stay in one place more than a year," Djokovic said in Malaga.

Davis Cup Finals tournament director Lopez's response to Djokovic

When asked about Djokovic's comments, Lopez seemingly did his best to explain why Malaga is "the perfect city" for the Davis Cup Final 8.

However, Lopez acknowledged that the event "will not stay forever" in Malaga. “I think it’s going be tough to find another city in Europe that has everything that Malaga is at the moment offering… the weather is attractive, the venue is fantastic, the people from this region are very welcoming with with everyone who’s coming, so we are in the right place.

But I think we all agreed that it’s not going to stay forever in Malaga. We do understand that the Final 8 has to be played somewhere else at some point," Lopez said, via i. Also, Lopez and Djokovic had a meeting in Malaga.

Addressing that, Lopez suggested that it was a productive and positive conversation. “He was throwing out a lot of good ideas, a lot of concerns, on behalf of him and also the rest of the players. And I think this is the way it has to be done,” Lopez said.

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