ITIA shuts down all doping test accusations against Novak Djokovic in statement


ITIA shuts down all doping test accusations against Novak Djokovic in statement
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The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) has clarified in a statement that Novak Djokovic "did not refuse a doping test." After Djokovic revealed that he did not want to take a doping test before a Davis Cup match, some started throwing theories and allegations against the Serbian tennis star.

But Djokovic didn't avoid taking a doping test as he was tested by the anti-doping controller after his match versus Cameron Norrie in Malaga. "The first thing to say is that Djokovic did not refuse the test. The rules state that when a player is notified, they must provide a sample as soon as they can.

In team competitions such as the Davis Cup, players may be informed before a match, whereas in other competitions testing usually takes place after the match. The procedure has not been changed, either for this event or for the player.

In Davis Cup, teams are notified before the start of the match. This allows players to choose if they prefer to do it before their match, otherwise it will be after, a member of the organization told us. They have a choice. Some players prefer to do it before, it frees them up after the meeting, which is also not bad, they avoid staying on site too long after the end of a meeting," the ITIA said in a statement published on L'Equipe.

Why Djokovic didn't want to take a pre-match doping test?

After beating Norrie, Djokovic made it very clear that he wasn't happy at all about being asked to take a pre-match doping test. In his statement, Djokovic underlined that he has his own pre-match routine and does not want to be disrupted by anyone.

Also, Djokovic claimed that he didn't want to give his blood and urine before a match because he did not know if it could impact his performance in any way. While explaining his decision, Djokovic said it was "shameful" to be put in such a situation. Also, Djokovic added he is always ready to take a doping test - but after his matches.

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