Watch: Novak Djokovic hilariously does 'what do you do for a living' trend

Djokovic got stopped by and asked what's his profession.

by Dzevad Mesic
Watch: Novak Djokovic hilariously does 'what do you do for a living' trend
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ASICS and Novak Djokovic teamed up for a TikTok trend where one gets stopped on the street and asked what it does for a living. Djokovic, the most successful player in tennis history with 24 Grand Slams, has earned $180,643,353 in prize money over the course of his career.

Also, Djokovic's net worth has been estimated $240 million, via the Celebrity Net Worth site. "Oh, hi sir, can I ask you a question?" the person asked Djokovic, to which the Serb responded: "Sure." The person proceeded to ask the world No 1: "What do you do for a living?" Djokovic provided a hilarious response but did his best to do with a straight face: "I rip yellow fuzzy balls for a living."

Djokovic on beating the odds and making it in tennis

Growing up, Djokovic didn't come from a rich family and paying basic tennis bills and trips to international tournaments was a challenge.

But Djokovic's parents were determined to do everything they could to help their son fulfill his dreams. After becoming the first man with 24 Slams at this year's US Open, Djokovic reflected on "beating the odds" and making it in tennis.

“The odds were pretty much against me and my family, but, you know, we did it. I say 'we,' because I owe a lot to my family, to my parents who sacrificed so much for me to be here. And that’s not a cliché. I really mean it.

It was extremely, extremely difficult with lots of adversities that they had to face and atrocities that when you think about it, you know, the last thing you want to think about is supporting maybe your child in an expensive sport.

It was more about bringing the bread to the kitchen table, you know, at that point. So reflecting on the whole journey, it’s been an incredible, incredible ride that we all can be very proud of. This kind of upbringing, really, and experiences I had in childhood really allows me to appreciate this moment or any other moments that I experienced, big moments in my career in the history of this sport," Djokovic told Serbian media after his US Open win.

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