Holger Rune tells what must be done to make Novak Djokovic consider retirement

Rune addresses Djokovic still dominating at 36.

by Dzevad Mesic
Holger Rune tells what must be done to make Novak Djokovic consider retirement
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Holger Rune suggests he is aware that Novak Djokovic won't be stopping until he and other young guys figure out a way to dethrone the Serb and make him seriously think about retirement. This season, 36-year-old Djokovic was a finalist in all four Grand Slam finals - won three Slams - captured titles in seven out of 12 tournaments he participated in - and he also finished the year as the world No 1.

Over the last couple of months, Djokovic very openly said that there is no reason for him to think about walking away from pro tennis while he is still dominating. Rune, 20, has seemingly heard Djokovic's message and he knows what must be done to change the 36-year-old's thinking.

Rune on how young guys can make Djokovic think about retirement

"Yeah, I totally agree. I have to agree and I do agree. But the fact is, Novak is still winning three out of four Grand Slams this year. So we cannot say that he is gone because we need to beat him like not just one time but like every time.

I will try to beat him every time because if he keeps winning this big tournaments, why would he stop? I mean he is not gonna stop until we beat him so the sooner we can get the level raised, the sooner we will take over.

I actually like that Novak is still here because you know for us young players to really see what the real world is in a way, what the real deal is, you know.If you never experience Roger, Rafa or Novak, I think we would miss something and I think Novak is like extremely high standard and I think for us so close to see that is very helpful," Rune said on the Advantage Connors podcast.

When it comes to Rune, he has had certain success against Djokovic, having won two and lost two matches against the Serb.

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