2023 In Review: Novak Djokovic tops Daniil Medvedev for Adelaide final

Novak Djokovic reached his 131st ATP final in Adelaide

by Jovica Ilic
2023 In Review: Novak Djokovic tops Daniil Medvedev for Adelaide final
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Sixteen years after winning the Adelaide title, Novak Djokovic returned to the title clash in this city. Novak played well at the beginning of the season, defeating Daniil Medvedev 6-3, 6-4 in an hour and a half, notching his 131st ATP final!

Novak struggled with a left thigh injury. However, he did enough to bring the victory home and remain on the title course. The Serb ousted the Russian for the ninth time from 13 duels, scoring his fourth straight win over Daniil.

Djokovic served at 57% and drew the most from that, dominating with his first serve and defending all three break chances. Medvedev felt the pressure and could not stay in touch and reach at least one tie break. Daniil faced three break points and got broken two times, enough to propel Novak over the top.

They both claimed 16 points on the return. While the Russian squandered his chances, the Serb did enough to emerge at the top in straight sets and preserve the energy for the title clash.

Novak Djokovic defeated Daniil Medvedev in the Adelaide semi-final.

Djokovic held at 15 in the encounter's first game with a forehand drive-volley winner and fired a service winner at 1-1 for a hold at love.

Medvedev hit a double fault in the fourth game, falling on the second break point and sending his rival in front. Novak started to struggle with a left thigh injury, facing a break point at 4-2. The Serb denied it with a forehand down the line winner and held with a lob winner for 5-2.

Djokovic received a medical timeout and served for the set at 5-3. Novak closed it with an ace down the T line, moving in front after 45 minutes and hoping for more in set number two. Daniil held with an ace in game three, and Novak responded with a hold at love for 2-2.

They served well in games five and six before Djokovic created a break chance at 3-3 with a forehand winner. Medvedev sprayed another double fault, falling 4-3 behind and pushing Djokovic closer to the finish line. Still battling hard, Daniil fired a backhand down the line winner in the eighth game, earning a break chance.

Novak saved it with a powerful serve but faced another break point. The Serb erased it with an ace down the T line and held with an unreturned serve for 5-3. Medvedev served to stay in the match in game nine, holding at love and extending the battle.

Djokovic served for the victory at 5-4 and landed a service winner to emerge at the top and secure a place in his 131st ATP final.

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