Racket used by Novak Djokovic in Serb's first French Open win sells for record price

One lucky fan sold a Djokovic racket and had a big payday.

by Dzevad Mesic
Racket used by Novak Djokovic in Serb's first French Open win sells for record price
© Getty Images Sport - Julian Finney

A racket used by Novak Djokovic during the 2016 French Open final has been sold for just over $107k. Last week, it was reported that a lucky fan who caught Djokovic's racket moments after the Serb's first French Open decided to sell the racket.

Initially, it was reported that the highest bid was $20k. However, experts predicted that the racket could be sold for over $100k. Reportedly, the racket was sold on Sunday. Not only that the racket was sold, but it went for a historic price of $107k.

Who was the lucky fan who grabbed Djokovic's racket?

After it was reported that Djokovic's racket was being sold on auction, British media reported that the name of the seller was Abby Doherty.

In 2016, Djokovic was playing in his fourth French Open final. After ending on the losing side in his first three finals at Roland Garros, Djokovic finally beat Andy Murray in the 2016 French Open final to win his first title at the tournament and complete a Career Grand Slam.

Moments after accomplishing his long-awaited goal, a delighted Djokovic threw his racket into the stands. "It was all in slow motion. He just flung it into the crowd. I had an 'Oh my God' moment because it was coming right toward us.

It hit my hand and it was deflected to the ground. I sprinted to it and put my foot on the racquet and grabbed the handle. I held onto it real tight. After the match I ran down to the place where he exited the court. I wanted to get him to sign it, but I was unable to get his attention," Doherty said after deciding to auction off the racket.

Doherty also admitted that selling the racket was a tough decision. "It was a really tough decision. You've got this really cool piece of sports memorabilia but it's been sitting in my closet for like, six years," Doherty said.

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