Novak Djokovic's fitness coach shares secret to Serb's astonishing longevity

At 36, Djokovic has been doing unprecedented things.

by Dzevad Mesic
Novak Djokovic's fitness coach shares secret to Serb's astonishing longevity
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Novak Djokovic's fitness coach Marco Panichi described the Serb as "a genetical phenomenon" and someone who is able to do things that some just aren't capable of doing. Even though Djokovic is 36 years old, he is still a very dominant force in the game and is widely considered the best player in men's tennis.

While many players from Djokovic's generation are retired or well removed from their best tennis days, the 36-year-old Serb is coming off a season in which he made all four Grand Slam finals and won three Major titles to become the first-ever man with 24 Grand Slams.

But Djokovic has always been fully committed to a healthy diet and strict training regime - all of that is paying enormously now in his mid-thirties.

Panich on Djokovic: He is genetically a phenomenon

"There is more than one reason, but any consideration must start from the fact that Nole is genetically a phenomenon.

He is someone capable of doing everything with simplicity and consistency, but also capable of doing things that others are prevented from doing. You can't always copy him. He knows how far he can go and, therefore, has the experience necessary to understand what her body is telling him.

We support him by giving him the weapons to continue developing these innate capabilities. Nole is a demanding champion, he wants a lot from himself and, consequently, those around him must adapt to these ambitions. And his motivation is always very high, he never suffers any downturn.

We start training again on December 10, then he goes to Australia and starts the circuit again," Panichi said of Djokovic. Throughout the year, Djokovic was saying that there was no reason for him to think about retirement.

After winning the ATP Finals, Djokovic very openly told his competition that they must dethrone him before he starts seriously thinking about walking away from pro tennis.

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