Novak Djokovic gets brutally honest on how he really felt during Australia visa saga

In 2022 January, Djokovic had one of the most negative experiences of his life.

by Dzevad Mesic
Novak Djokovic gets brutally honest on how he really felt during Australia visa saga
© Getty Images Sport - Daniel Pockett

Novak Djokovic admits the Australia visa saga was something that was not similar to anything that he experienced before and revealed that he felt like he was declared "a villain of the world" and that "most of the world was against me" during that period.

On January 5th, 2022, Djokovic landed in Australia after being previously granted a special medical exemption to compete at at the Australian Open. But instead of going to Melbourne Park, Djokovic was detained by Australian border authorities.

After 10 long days in Australia - appearing in court twice over his visa - Djokovic didn't get his visa back and the entire situation ended with Djokovic being deported from the country. While some thought that Djokovic was a victim and treated unfairly during that period, some wanted Djokovic deported and were happy when the Serb was ordered to return home.

"I was basically declared as a villain of the world, you know, and I had basically, yeah, most of the world against me. I had that kind of experience on the tennis court, with crowds that were not maybe cheering me on. But I never had this particular experience before in my life," Djokovic said on 60 Minutes on 60 News.

Djokovic didn't take the COVID-19 vaccine even after the Australia visa saga

After Djokovic was detained in Australia and faced the real danger of missing Grand Slams due to his vaccine stance, some thought that was it and that the Serb would change his stance and take the vaccine.

But the Australia visa drama and everything that happened there didn't change a bit in Djokovic's vaccine views. During his appearance on 60 Minutes, Djokovic was directly asked to choose his position on the COVID-19 vaccine. "People tried to, you know, declare me as an anti-vax.

I'm not anti-vax. Nor I am pro-vax. I'm, I'm, I'm pro-freedom to choose," Djokovic said.

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