Filip Krajinovic shares details about Novak Djokovic's strict diet, habits


Filip Krajinovic shares details about Novak Djokovic's strict diet, habits
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Filip Krajinovic reveals Novak Djokovic is someone who likes to sleep but is still one of the most disciplined athletes and someone who brings his own food to make sure that he is always strictly holding to his diet. Throughout his entire career, world No 1 Djokovic has been extremely committed to diet and training.

All of that is massively paying off now as at 36 Djokovic is still winning Grand Slams and is still considered the best player in the game. Krajinovic, who has also been one of the better Serbian players over the last decade, knows Djokovic well as he has had a chance to spend time with the 24-time Grand Slam champion and observe his habits.

"He is so disciplined... Novak has special food for himself when we are with the national team. Certain food he eats like the rest of us, but if that's what suits him that day, he'll take food that's for everyone. But he usually carries his packs and what they prepare for him and what he prepares for himself," Krajinovic said on the Alesto podcast.

Krajinovic on Djokovic's habits

According to Krajinovic, Djokovic has a very packed daily schedule. But still, Djokovic always finds a way to get everything done. Considering how Djokovic is committed to every single detail, Krajinovic admits he would not be surprised at all if the world No 1 managed to play until 40.

"What are his habits? Novak is not someone who gets up early, he likes to sleep. His days are long, he has a lot of obligations during the day, he gets tired, but he's such a professional that he knows what to do and how to deal with everyone.

He finds time for everything. I often ask him how you make a daily plan to do everything, and Novak says that's how it is. It's a miracle, what can I say! I only know that he is very motivated and wants to keep winning. He is eager for it.

I believe he continues to show that he is the most dominant and mature of all and believes in what he is doing. I don't know where his limit is. I swear. If you ask me, I don't know... If you told me that he will play until 40, I would say that he will. He's crazy!" Krajinovic said.

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