Swiatek's psychologist shares massive praise for Djokovic's humanity

Daria Abramowicz supports the Serbian champion, underlining how athletes are only humans

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Swiatek's psychologist shares massive praise for Djokovic's humanity
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Many athletes have decided to rely on psychologists or a mental coach in order to overcome the most delicate moments of their career. Managing pressures, expectations and emotions is not easy, especially when an athlete is in the spotlight.

Especially in a sport like tennis, where an athlete can feel alone.
Daria Abramowicz has been a very important path for some time with Iga Swiatek. One of the secrets of the number one WTA lies in the ability to react to adversity and use mental strength when the situation requires it.

Abramowicz plays a decisive role in this fundamental aspect. Commenting on the recent statements by Novak Djokovic on the mental health of the players, Abrahamowicz wanted to remember an essential thing and on Xr wrote: "The athletes are, first of all, human beings."

What Novak Djokovic said about the issue

A champion like Novak Djokovic also arises and crosses ups and crosses ups and downs during his games.

It also happened during his career. The Serbian champion has experienced an existential crisis between the triumph at the Roland Garros 2016 and the victory at Wimbledon 2018. Two years of total darkness, the only two of his amazing career.

We tend too often, probably because of the numerous successes, to underestimate the human side of the Serbian. Djokovic, however, has never hidden and the reactions he shows in the field, right or wrong they are, show precisely this constant inner struggle.

"I have my doubts and my fears in every single game. I don't like this type of mentality that I see in the world of sport, where you have to think positively and be optimistic and where there is no room for bankruptcy. We are all human beings.

I recognize these moments during a game. Sometimes I scream and try to let off steam, but then I am able to reset everything and go on," Said the Serb in an interesting interview with the 60 Minutes program produced by the CBS.