Watch: Novak Djokovic shows how his strong preparation for 2024 looked

Djokovic fully ready to start the new season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Watch: Novak Djokovic shows how his strong preparation for 2024 looked
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Novak Djokovic is ready for the new season after completing his strong preparations as the Serb took to Instagram to share the hard work he did in recent weeks. Djokovic, ranked at No. 1 in the world, picked Dubai as the top where he wanted to prepare for the 2024 season. In a video uploaded on his social media, Djokovic can be seen practicing on the court and also having strong training sessions. In Dubai, Djokovic conducted some of his training sessions on the beach.

"Australia prep. @atlantistheroyal @ooresorts thank you for the kind hospitality and support during these preparations and holidays with my family and team," Djokovic captioned his Instagram post.

Djokovic set for a Riyadh exhibition before the United Cup

On Wednesday, Djokovic is taking on Carlos Alcaraz in an exhibition match in Riyadh. After the Riyadh exhibition, Djokovic will fly to Australia, where he is set to represent Serbia at the United Cup. 

After a highly-successful and historic 2023 season, 36-year-old Djokovic has made it clear that his goal will be to have an even more successful 2024.

"Well, you can win four slams and Olympic gold. I have always the highest ambitions and goals. That’s not going to be different for the next year. The drive that I have is still there. My body has been serving me well, listening to me well. I have a great team of people around me. Motivation, especially for the biggest tournaments in sport, is still present. It still inspires me to keep going. People see you performing in the big tournaments, but they don’t see all the weeks and months of dedicated day-to-day, week-to-week work, trying to build your form so that you can peak where you want to peak. For me, obviously those are Grand Slams and World Tour Finals, and next year hopefully also Olympic Games. The mindset is the same. I’ll keep going. I don’t know whether I’m going to have as good of a year next year, but I’m going to keep this freshness of mind and motivation," Djokovic told Tennis Majors in November.

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