Novak Djokovic has just issued massive hint about potentially playing beyond 40

Djokovic, 36, is still as dominant as ever and he doesn't see any reason why he would stop now.

by Dzevad Mesic
Novak Djokovic has just issued massive hint about potentially playing beyond 40
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Novak Djokovic has hinted that he could pull off a Tom Brady and also until or beyond 40. 

Brady, one of the greatest NFL players ever, was 45 when he retired from the NFL after the 2022 season. Just like Djokovic, Brady was also always very strict with his diet and training. As a result, Brady was able to keep playing at a very high level even in his forties. Brady's last Super Bowl win came in 2021 February, when he won his seventh and final Super Bowl ring. 

Djokovic, who made all four Grand Slam finals in 2023 and added three Slams to his collection, will be turning 37 in May. 

"Why stop when you are still playing great? So I will keep going. I know (Tom Brady) personally as well, and I learnt from him, from his example, and, hopefully, I can have a career that goes up to 40 and maybe even beyond, let's see. I feel great in my own body right now, and I have been playing some really high quality tennis. 2023 was one of my best seasons I've had in my life, and why stop while you're still playing great. I will take it one by one and see how far I go," Djokovic said in Riyadh ahead of his exhibition against Carlos Alcaraz.

Djokovic met Brady at this year's US Open 

At this past US Open, Djokovic and Brady met and it was all filmed. 

“Keep kicking it — like always,” Brady could be heard telling Djokovic. In his response to Brady, Djokovic said: "Trying, trying." 

Brady then proceeded to tell Djokovic that he was so disappointed over not making it for his match as the Serb played in the day session that day while the NFL legend arrived with his kids only for the night session. “I wish we could’ve seen you play tonight. But [the kids] had school in Miami, so we had to let them finish, then we flew up. But I was hoping you’d have the night match." 

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