Mouratoglou believes Djokovic's 2023 is better than Nole's 2015

The French coach was impressed by the continuity of the Serbian champion

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Mouratoglou believes Djokovic's 2023 is better than Nole's 2015
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Novak Djokovic has qualified for the quarterfinals of the Australian Open 2024. The Serbian beat the Frenchman Adrian Mannarino in three sets, dominating with the final score of 6-0 6-0 6-3. The Frenchman was powerless in the face of the superiority of the Serbian champion, capable of giving him two consecutive 6-0s.

The match was played indoors due to the rain that fell shortly before the start of the match. Djokovic had only one moment of difficulty in the first game of the match, when he went down 15-40 on his serve. Once these two break points have been eliminated, the match is practically over.

Nole won 13 consecutive games at the start, taking the first set in 33 minutes and giving Mannarino no chance in rallies. Nole also played perfect tennis in the second set, hitting his French opponent like a hurricane. In the third set, Mannarino managed to get the first game of his match in the second game.

But already in the fourth game he was broken again, with the Serbian going up 3-1 and closing shortly after 6-3.

Djokovic© Julian Finney / Staff Getty Images Sport

Certainly the tiredness accumulated after the 3 matches in 5 sets won against Wawrinka, Munar and Shelton made itself felt for Mannarino but we saw a strong improvement in Djokovic compared to the version seen in the first rounds of the Australian tournament.

And it is continuity that makes Djokovic the robotic and practically perfect tennis player admired in 2023 and in the 4th round match at the Australian Open against Mannarino. Patrick Mouratoglou, former coach of Serena Williams and Simona Halep, spoke about the Serb's tennis, underlining how in 2023 Djokovic was a better tennis player than in 2015, considered the Serb's best year.

"If he had fallen physically, probably the Novak of 2015 would have been a better player than the Novak of 2023. But his fitness level I think is the same, he is fast, flexible, balanced, when he hits his shots, he is durable so he is a better player today.

It's interesting to think that the Novak of 2023 is a better player than the Novak of 2015, I think he's a different player and I think the Novak of today is better, his game has evolved, his confidence has evolved, he's played a lot more matches, he is even higher when he looks at his game, looking at his opponents, and he hasn't fallen physically," explained Mouratoglou.

Djokovic analyzed the victory over Mannarino

Djokovic talked at the conference about the harsh tennis lesson inflicted on Mannarino, in a match in which Serb won the first two sets 6-0 6-0, closing the third set 6-3. "It hasn't happened many times in my career that I've found myself in a situation like today.

The tension was really high in the third set, people wanted him to win a game and I think it was good for me to leave it to him to lower the tension and focus on winning the match, because the tension grew as time went by and he didn't won a game.

I understand it was difficult for him, but it was also difficult for me to try not to think about the triple 6-0. However, I think I played very well, especially in the first two sets, I didn't want to concede anything from the baseline," explained Djokovic.

Djokovic© Julian Finney / Staff Getty Images Sport

The one against the French tennis player was probably Djokovic's best performance of the tournament. "It's clear that the last two games have been better than the first two.

It's not the first time that I've started slowly and improved my level. Today was my best day in terms of tennis, I felt very good on the court and I'm excited to face the second week. Now the level is raised with very tough opponents, there are no easy matches." To be at his level, you must not neglect any detail, but first and foremost you must love what you do.

He is of this opinion. "Tennis is my passion and my love, but also my profession. Together with my coach and my team I have to watch it to prepare for every match and every opponent. As far as entertainment goes, I love watching it.

I had fun watching Rybakina's supertiebreak against Blinkova the other day, it was incredible, one of the most exciting I've ever seen. Then among the men we all keep an eye on each other, usually when we arrive at the hotel we turn on the TV and want to watch exciting matches. I always keep an eye on everyone, but especially those in my section of the draw," he told.